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Shutter Guide


Types of Shutter Materials
faux wood
vinyl clad
shutter colors 1

Carolina Window Fashions offers Vinyl Shutters, Faux Wood Shutters, Hybrid Shutters, and Wooden Shutters. Each has it's advantages and we can help you decide which is best for you.

Shutter Colors
shutter colors 1
shutter colors 2

We have hundreds of painted colors and stained colors to choose from. We can even have your color custom matched for an exact match.

Shutter Louver Sizes
louver sizes

Carefully consider your louver size. The size of your room, the size of your window, the number of panels, and your décor style will dictate what size louver you need.

Number of Shutter Panels
1 panel
2 panel
3 panel
4 panel

The typical single window can be covered by 1,2,3 or 4 panels. Don't worry, we have years of experience and will guide your every decision.

Shutter Height
cafe shutters
divider rail
full panel

Café shutters only cover the bottom of the window. We can insert a divider rail to allow divided louvers. Full length panels can also be divided vertically so the top hinges independent from the bottom.

Tilt Rod Location
tilt rod
hidden tilt

The tilt bar is the rod used to adjust the louvers. Shutters are available with the tilt bar on the front or hidden in the rear.

Specialty Shape Shutters
french cutout
transom burst

Shutters are available with french door cut outs to work with lever handles. We can also cover specialty shaped windows. Motorized plantation shutters are now an option also.

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